PETG pipettes for cosmetic formulations

  • COPCO Packaging

COPCO has just introduced a PETG pipette dropper into its portfolio of packaging products. Offered in 2 lengths of either 78.5mm or 82mm, the droppers are ideally matched with glass-like PET bottles.

The PETG droppers have been developed to provide an option to brands where glass/PP pipettes do not work well with the cosmetic formulation.

When combined with a glass-like PET bottle, particularly one with a heavy bottom, the complete pack provides an upscale look that is ideal for luxury skincare cosmetics.

The 78.5mm PETG dropper is ideally matched with the following PET bottles:

  • 0102253L - 40ml flat shoulder
  • 0102253 - 30ml flat shoulder
  • 0102282 - 40ml rounded shoulder
  • 0102201 30ml rounded shoulder

The 82mm PETG dropper matches the following PET bottles perfectly:

  • 0102332 50ml rounded shoulder
  • 0102206 60ml rounded shoulder
  • 0102369 50ml flat shoulder
  • 0102251 30ml sloped shoulder

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