COPCO's multiform PET bottle collection

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COPCO's eco-smart multiform cylindrical PET bottle collection features PET bottles with PP caps, incorporating 2 versions in 2 designs, for a bottle collection that is both versatile and functional. Weighing in at just 38g the classic bottle design features a reduction in plastic, making it both more sustainable and economical.

The PET bottle collection is manufactured with a choice of either a frosted look or a clear finish whereby the user can see the content inside. The bottle can also be complemented with the addition of a choice of a plain or metallized shoulder, which adds visual weight in addition to extra heft to the bottles.

Ideal for capacities of between 120ml and 135ml, the 44.5mm diameter bottles are comfortable to hold, making them an ideal choice for cosmetic and personal care products.

COPCO offers the bottles with a choice of orifice reducer or serum pump.

Product specifications

  • Product: 01020294
  • Capacity: 120ml/135ml
  • Diameter: 44.5mm
  • Height: 126.53mm/132.8mm
  • Weight: 38g/50g
  • Bottle material: PET
  • Cap material: PP
  • Shoulder: None/plastic/metallized
  • Dispenser: Orifice reducer or Serum pump

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