Make COPCO's sleek cylindrical bottles your own

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COPCO's cylindrical bottles offer a sleek silhouette thanks to the SAN cap that sits flush with the ABS collar and PET bottle.

Manufactured from PET, these 24/410 pump bottles are offered in 100, 120 and 150ml capacities making them ideal for cosmetic formulations.

The sleek line of the bottle provides an excellent canvas for your brand's identity. COPCO can manufacture the packs in custom colors, or color spray the cap and bottle (including a matte finish), or even provide a clear cap to contrast with the bottle. Finish the look with metallization, silk screening or hot stamping, or add a label - the choice is yours!

Discover full product specifications for each of these bottle sets in COPCO's product catalog.

COPCO also offers a variety of other beauty packaging products so that brands can create an entire line from one single manufacturer. 

Discover cream jars, PCR packaging, refillable packaging, or browse COPCO's product catalog.

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