COPCO launches glass-like square PET bottles

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Packaging manufacturer COPCO is making a bold statement with the launch of the company's newest PET cosmetic bottles. Fabricated in a bold, square shape, the bottles have instant shelf impact.

The new square bottles have a glass-like appearance affording them a premium-looking finish, yet they are manufactured with easily recyclable PET plastic so that they benefit from the light weight and shatterproof qualities of the material.

COPCO's new, eye-catching square bottles not only stand out on the shelf, but the square shape also provides the consumer with a tactile experience when gripping the solid form.

The glass-like PET bottles are offered in 3 different capacities — 30ml, 50ml and 70ml. Ideal for liquid cosmetics, with the addition of an oil pump, the bottles can also be utilized for foundation, serum and more.

View the products' full specifications in the catalog.

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