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COPCO continues to strengthen its sustainable packaging product portfolio with the addition of its latest recyclable cosmetic PET jar pack. The new pack has been designed and manufactured to enable all of the plastic material to be recycled after use and is an ideal sustainable update for brands that have been using COPCO's acrylic/PMMA cosmetic jar.

The new jar pack from COPCO offers an excellent way to make the best use of molding investment as the pack allows for 2 different versions with one minor difference — the 50ml pack includes a PP inner. 

The PET jar is completed with a double-layer flush screw cap comprising a PETG outer and PP inner, and both versions are ideal for facial cosmetics and skincare creams.

Both the jar and cap can be manufactured with PCR material upon request, and COPCO offers a variety of decoration choices, including single color spray, 2-color gradient color spray, metallization and soft touch finish.

PET jar specifications

Product ref: #0102379-50ml #0102379-100ml
Capacity 50ml 100ml
OFC 65ml 138ml
Jar diameter 70mm 70mm
Total pack height 57.07mm 57.07mm
Material and weight:    
Outer cap PETG, 27g PETG, 27g
Inner cap PP, 11g PP, 11g
Outer jar PET, 30g PET, 30g
Inner jar PP, 11g (not applicable)

Explore other PET jar choices, or contact COPCO Packaging directly to discover more sustainable packaging options!

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