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COPCO has given its classic cylindrical glass packaging a new look thanks to gentle curves which soften the silhouette.

The set comprises 5 bottles and 2 jars. Each item in COPCO's set features straight walls which gently taper into the base of the pack, with the bottles having a noticeably heavy bottom. 

The bottles are offered in capacities from 30ml through to 120ml and their 20/410 neck finishes ensure they are compatible with popular dispensers, before being crowned by an overcap with softly curved edges to complement the base of the botttle. Equally, COPCO can provide a dropper for a bottle, facilitating its use for serums or spot treatment areas.

Completing the set are 2 round jars with the same 'curve appeal' style. Their filling volumes of 50g and 100g respectively, make them ideal for cosmetic creams.

The bottles and jars can be decorated thanks to COPCO's expertise in branding its packs.

Caps and pumps can be manufactured in molded color and finished with metallization. Droppers can be requested in either Buna-N or Silocone with a molded or metallized closure, and the glass packs can be further enhanced through frosting, color sprays, silk screen print or hot stamping on either a glossy or matte finish.

Glass packaging specifications

Product reference Capacity Diameter Height Glass Weight Neck finish/finish
0403090 30ml 39.9mm 71.2mm 85g 20/410
0403410 30ml 37.8mm 82.8mm 100g 20/410
0403409 50ml 38.1mm 103.8mm 113g 20/410
0403408 100ml 44.5mm 133.6mm 178g 20/410
0403407 120ml 44.8mm 148.8mm 192g Stopper + Cap
0403732 50g 72.4mm 43.5mm 140g Inner lid + Cap
0403187 100g 90.0mm 47.3mm 200g

Contact COPCO Packaging directly to request further details and price out your new glass cosmetic packaging set!

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