The Cute Peachy Tottle by COPCO

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Tottles are an ever more popular choice and staple for cosmetic and personal care products. The top-down design makes it a ready-to-go package, as the formula is already collected and settled, ready for dispensing. This eliminates the need to shake or wait for the product to fall slowly.

Tottles are a handy tool for a wide range of situations, including quick on-the-go applications and travel. As we see them frequently, why not create a more engaging design to enjoy?

COPCO’s new 50ml Peachy PE Tottle uses a smooth and attractive curved design. Featuring a point at the top, even more of the product is encouraged to the orifice increasing the product usage rate.

This fun design is ideal for sunscreen and baby care items, as the PE tottle can be made with 2 layers or 5 layers depending on the formula.

Make the Peachy Tottle your own with COPCO’s silk-screen and hot stamping services.

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